Don’t tell em

So, today was…..
GREAT!! Kinda until ppl wanna sneak diss. Oh, well but me and Isaiah is getting closer then ever. He finally talk to me and now he attends to always mess with me. Its better then usual when we never talk and I look stupid

. But him and tremaya was fighting but they wasn’t fr hopefully but its recorded. But anyway it was an wonderful day:)

keeping it real wit ya

My perfect guy…..

3.good hair
4.Great kisser
5.great sense of humor
6.kind to others me for me
8.adventurous and  cool
9.will never break my heart
10.have to be good at any sport

      That guy is somebody at my school

keeping it real wit ya

The love to end

      I was totally in love with him. We had ups and down and ppl was telling him horrible things about me. We was so much in love we said we was going to be together forever. Until one day I was not saying nun cause he was blowing up my phone saying sum weird. Then he said my momma said I gotta break up with u.